Autor: David Schulte

Learning from the Chinese experience – Management during Coronavirus Times: INFORMATION AND AWARENESS (Part 2)

If you just did cost control, secured your cash flow, secured your HR through short-time working provisions and state subsidized employments, maybe applied for a bank credit, state-backed, you are far away from successfully managing your company and navigating operations during these challenging times.


Learning from the Chinese Experience – Management during Coronavirus Times: INTRODUCTION (Part 1)

„Learning from the Chinese Experience – Management during Coronavirus Times“ shall give investors and top managers guidance of how to steer and manage their companies and staff during times of decreasing economic activity based on worldwide lockdowns because of the mitigation of the coronavirus. Why the Chinese experience? China went through what we are going through in Europe already a couple of weeks before and if we look at China, we can get an idea of how challenging the way back to recovery is. That is why I recommend to have a close look onto current China operations and stay in close contact with Chinese business partners as you will get the chance to learn for your operations in Europe and other regions in the world.