Relaunch of Seres Management


It has been almost ten years since Seres Management was founded in January 2013, shortly after my relocation from Beijing, China, back to Vienna. Seres Management started as a one-man company offering an interim service manager for Western subsidiary companies in China during challenging times. Since then, the business model has changed drastically. Now, there is a team of three serving investors and top managers in regard of Asia challenges. The competence region now not only covers China but whole region of Greater China and Southeast Asia. From managing a single entity before to now being in the Boards of holding companies with numerous subsidiaries in Asia, we now offer the adequate package for our clients, may it be the provision of an interim manager, offering strategic management advice, coach investors and top management or filling the role of the Board Director having Asia expertise.

Seres Management stands out when it comes to hands on management experience in Asia and all team members have excellent cross-cultural skills.

The new business model was presented last weekend in the Bavarian mountains to a selected round of strategic business partners. One of the most important steps here is the launch of the new Seres Management website where we just launched the go live.

So 2023 will bring changes for our valued clients by offering them more tailored solutions for enhancing investments and Asia and optimizing operations locally. Our service offerings target investors and top management in Europe and the North America.

Here, Seres Management will be the key partner for establishing a stable and professional bridge between headquarters and operations in Asia.


The good news is that China is opening up. Mass testing was almost completely scrapped and citizens will need no more a QR code to enter any public places. Yet, incoming travellers still need to quarantine 7+3 days. Rumour has it that quarantine conditions improved drastically, here better service offerings and food at the quarantine hotels. A full opening up of the country can be expected before mid-2023.

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